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We are a successful company that has been, for a long time, engaged in 99% successful recycling of waste and materials on planet Earth, production of machines and purifiers for making high-quality drinking water.

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By purchasing a coin, you directly influence the development of our company and its expansion in the area that we have defined. The role of this coin is the stability of the project as well as the drastically faster development of the project. Make big profits buy a coin while it's a small price.

Why recycling?

1. Recycling saves raw material resources

When used materials are recycled to produce new products, we reduce the need for using natural resources. The raw material resources on the planet are limited, if we are not responsible for them, humanity will face the shortage of oil, coal, wood and other materials in the future.

2. Recycling saves energy

The use of recycled materials in the production saves energy, because it is far more expensive when new products are obtained by processing natural raw materials than when they are made from recycled materials. Energy saving is an important factor in preserving the environment and mitigating global warming and its consequences on planet Earth.

3. Recycling helps in environmental protection

All processes that produce ores and raw materials are potentially harmful to the environment. Reducing the use of natural raw materials reduces the pollution of air, water and soil, and recycling is a significant factor in preserving the natural environment. Energy savings contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Recycling helps in reduction of landfills and reduction of soil degradation

The number of people on the planet reached 7 billion. In proportion to the increase in the population of the Earth, the amount of waste that is generated daily in households and in the economy is also increasing. There are more and more landfills in which waste is deposited, which degrade the soil, reduce the surface of arable land and become potential sources of human and animal infestation. Recycling significantly reduces the amount of waste that is deposited in the landfill itself and its spreading. At the same time, recycling reduces the emissions of methane, gas which is produced at landfills and which causes greenhouse effect and harmful climate change on Earth.

Clean water on the planet Earth:

The undeniable fact is that water from the tap can contain very little or none of the above mentioned pollutants over a long period of time. Unfortunately, no one knows when these pollutants will appear and in what quantity. Even if the amounts of pollutants are low, long-term exposure to pollutants can lead many people to small and ultimately to serious health problems that will affect overall appearance and health. These health complications can be prevented by simply using the Nobel Water Purifier. Purified water is not only better for your skin but also helps prevent the symptoms of aging, it can also help to reduce the risk of major health problems and protect your family from harmful pollutants. By finding the right Nobel Water Purification System that can remove all of the pollutants from your water, you will provide health to yourself and your family. So we want the entire planet to have clean drinking water. We want to build waste recycling plants and factories for the production of clean drinking water on several continents

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White Paper

Waste is any material, product or object that after its use (end of life cycle) becomes super-
fluous and unusable. Without further opportunity to satisfy its use value, it is dumped on the dump
site (the depony). The waste that is most commonly encountered daily is packaging waste.
Packaging waste represents material used in the production cycle in order to pack and transport
consumer goods. What happens to the packaging when we use its contents? It usually ends up as
a waste, from the moment when we empty out its content or when certain purchased goods are
unpacked. When several billion people, meeting their needs, make up to two kilograms of waste per
person, per day (excluding the most undeveloped regions of the world), we get a worrying calcula-
tion that leads us to the conclusion that it is necessary to change the habits in production and
consumer relations, but also that it is necessary to adapt to modern development tendencies and
more responsibly to waste.

What Is ICO

ICO represents the initial sale of the crypto currency based on the time limit of the growth of the price of the crypto currency. After the expiration time of the initial sale, the coin appears on the money exchange that is integrated on the site. You decide when the money changer is open at what time and at what price will your coins sell you. In the initial phase of the ICO, it is most important to buy as many coins as possible because it is at that time the smallest price.


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Road Map

Project Development Scale Timeline

The table shows the time period for developing the project on the basis of which we will build our project.

ICO (Initial Coin Offerning)

Q1 2018

Currency exchange office and coin sale

Q2 2018

Building factories across cities in Europe, Asia and Africa

Q3 2018

Building more factories across cities in America and Australia

Q4 2018

ICO Calender

On the calendar there are time-bounds of the price increase of the coin. Here you will be following exactly when the price of a coin at the time of the ICO phase will rise. This will be of great use to you to organize about the disposal of your money for the purchase of coin.

After our ICO is done this coin will be available on this excange store from picture and store of our partners.

Our Partner

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2019-03-23 2019-06-30 1000000 MUM 0.10 USD
2019-06-30 2019-07-31 500000 MUM 0.25 USD
2019-07-31 2019-08-31 100000 MUM 1.00 USD
2019-08-31 2019-09-30 50000 MUM 5.00 USD
2019-09-30 2009-10-31 25000 MUM 25.00 USD
2019-10-31 2019-12-31 10000 MUM 50.00 USD
2019-01-01 2019-01-23 120000 MUM 0.05 USD

Our Awesome Team

We present you the perfect team that will be responsible for the entire project

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Roger W. Harris

General Director
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Zachary D. Schroeder

Developer end Web Desinger
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Donna K. Fleet

Director Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to briefly answer the road of the issues that you will face

For 10 years we have been successfully working on waste recycling and cleaning of drinking water
We carry recycling all types of waste, we have modern machines that can recycle up to 90% of raw materials
You are aware of the fact that there are fewer and fewer clean water bottles in the world for this reason, we have come to the idea of designing our machine Milium 2000 which even removes dirt from water.We want to preserve and provide all people on earth with clean water
As we mentioned, our main role is the protection of ecology, the recycling of 100% waste and the creation of clean drinking water for all people in the world. In addition, we want through our coin to provide funds for the construction of factories on 7 continents on Earth
ICO is [ Initial sales of coins ] , This means selling coins at certain prices , On the site, you can see us a calendar with which the price of a coin will increase in time , When the sale of the coins ends, the coin is placed on the external exchange offices
It is made over the Ethereum network and is based on its BlokChain , Its sales volume is limited within the time limit you can see on the site
Earnings on our site are very high, We offer you 10% in coins when you recommend us a site to someone, But the most important earning is that it's very important to buy as many tokens as the smallest price and later sell it at the exchange office at a price that suits you
Because we have a great project behind us and a strong company , We have a great referral system and a profit from the recommendation , Our team will achieve our common goals within a year, Be wise and buy a lot of tokens that are worth the gold

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